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The download Includes the Model and an Instructional Video and a 30 min conference call to walk through the model (further customization is available for an additional hourly charge)  This Ground Up Hotel Development Model is designed with the ability to underwrite one or all of the income and expense options.  Watch the Video below for a quick walkthrough.  Email us with any questions.

Model has all the bells and whistles for a Hotel Development, yet designed to be simple to use.

There are 2 Input tabs.  1- Your main Hotel Timing, Equity Structure for your Waterfall, Hotel Room, Parking and Accomodation inputs.  Full Payroll, Variable and Fixed Expense Section.  Initial Loan, Senior Loan with Refi Proceeds.  Valuatio on Exit.  Complete Construction Budget with Timing.

Automated Summaries are Presentation Quality, very professional.  Including Key Stats on Rooms, IRR, Investment Multiple Cash on Cash by Year.  10 Year Cashflow. Breakeven Analysis. Investor Returns.

Any additional customization is available through our consulting services.  Reach out via email to discuss further.


Ground Up Development Hotel Model

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$1,750.00 Regular Price
$1,400.00Sale Price
  • Model is in Excel.  Instruction Video is an mp4 file

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