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Input Your Data in the blue font cells and see the results! That Simple.

Input Income, Expenses, Development Costs and see if your deal is viable.  Professional Development Deal Summary Complete with a Cashflow and Key Return Calculations, Cash on Cost and IRR.

Answering questions like how much money am I getting back for the equity I put in?  How much return will I see if I sell the property in 10 years?

All Questions are welcome with purchase

High Level Office Development Deal Sheet Model

SKU: 0009
$650.00 Regular Price
$455.00Sale Price
    • Input in "Blue" cells
    • Development Project Costs
    • Income Assumptions
    • Tenant Terms
    • Operating Expenses
    • Automated
      • Yr 1 Operating Statement
      • 10 Yr Cashflow with growth escalation you control
      • Debt Service Payments
      • Automated Required Equity
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