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The Back of the Envelope - HIGH LEVEL Residential and/or Retail Value Model includes an instructional video (not including further customization).   

Click on Highlights of the Model Video Below to view NOW.

The Model includes easy to use Data Inputs.  Input Your Data in the blue font cells and see the results! That Simple. Input Unit Mix, Income, Expenses, High Level Renovations Budget.

 Solve for the Land Value


Yield Sensitivity, Investor Returns, Automated Exit Strategy.  IRR and Equity Multiple.  Investment Value Creation, Debt Service Coverage.  Refinance Option.

The Model has everything you need to analyse a Value Add deal, whether it's feasible and whether land pricing makes sense.

Designed to show you if a Value Add Project is Feasible with minimal inputs.

Questions are welcome.

Further customization is available at an hourly rate, reach out with an email to contact us.

One Page-Back of the Envelope Mixed Use Resi and Retail Value Add

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$400.00 Regular Price
$165.00Sale Price
  • Excel model with an MP4 instructional video

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