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The Value Add Apartment Rental model includes an instructional video and a 30 min conference call to go through the model (not including further customization).  The Model includes easy to use Data Inputs and a Renovation Budget with an automated 3-year projection.  The model allows for an import of an existing T12 and Rent Roll, that can be linked as needed.
The model also includes your choice of 2 different Partnership Distributions/Waterfall that are linked to the summary pages, all you do is choose between the 2 types of waterfalls to automate either option.  There are 2 Deal Summaries to be used for Presentations and Sharing with the bank of investors, also an easy tool for reviewing your deal.  The Profit and Loss is presented by Year and by Month.  There is an automation for Refinancing and an Exit Strategy with Value Creation after the renovations.  The Automated Capital Budget has a 3 Year automated worksheet to use for renovation management.  The model assumes the capital funding occurs at closing with the purchase.

Further customization is available at an hourly rate, reach out with an email to contact us.

Value Add Apartment Model with 2 Waterfall Options2 Waterfall Options

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$1,650.00 Regular Price
$575.00Sale Price
  • Model is in Excel.  Instructional video is an MP4

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